Why Rollpark?

  • Efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Designed for you
  • Lab tested
  • Beats competition

Efficient and Convenient

Saves Money

Rollpark is up to 40% less expensive than asphalt. When Rollpark is used for temporary purposes, it can be written off over a short period of time, and in some regions, tax credits are given for pervious surfaces like Rollpark.

Saves Time

Rollpark crews install up to 2 acres per day, 80% less time than asphalt.

Avoids Permits

When the ground is sufficiently stable, Rollpark can be used directly atop grass or soil for short term use (less than 3 months) without disturbing the zoning limitations of a property (unlike gravel and asphalt).

Tailored to Your Needs

Designed from the ground up to ensure fast drainage, stability, and aesthetics.


From design to installation, Rollpark can handle every aspect of the job: site procurement, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, design, site preparation, installation, and removal.

Removable and Reusable

Can be removed and stored for reuse at another site, extending lifetime and cost-savings. Rollpark can survive multiple re-installations.

Withstands All Weather Conditions

  • Snow
  • Sun
  • Wind
  • Rain

Because Rollpark is flexible, it doesn't experience the same breakdown that asphalt does during the winter. And yes, you can plow on it (with special instructions).

Rollpark is constantly pushing the envelope of UV-resistance with cutting edge research and development.

Built to withstand a category 6 hurricane - that's 175 MPH!

When designed to handle intense rainfalls, Rollpark can act as a retention pond.


A Pervious Pavement That Actually Works

In comparison with permeable asphalt and concrete, Rollpark’s void spaces are significantly smaller (as small as the voids in your clothing) and are thus free from the level of clogging and instability that plagues them.

Controls Erosion and Stormwater Management

100% permeable, allowing water to feed directly into the ground.

Prevents Soil Contamination

Soil contamination has increased in recent years due to the growing presence of petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals on parking lots. Eventually these pollutants tend to find their way to the nearest body of water, threatening the drinking supply and the long term ecological well-being of a region. For sites that are already contaminated, this means even worse conditions unless the site is designed to prevent leaching of any kind.

Pervious pavement solutions (like Rollpark) can trap and biodegrade these pollutants, proving an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional impervious pavements.

Suits your industry

  • Auto Logistics
  • Events
  • Auto-manufacturing
  • Hollywood
  • Permitting Restrictions
  • Universities
  • Parking Managers

Economic Uncertainty in the Autologistics World

With an uncertain economic climate and ever growing inventory, ports and auto manufacturers need a parking material that keeps cars free of dust and damage at a lost cost.

Inexpensive and Safe Event Parking

Beyond parking in the mud, there isn't an effective, inexpensive, a and proven temporary parking material for events besides Rollpark. Stabilize the ground and roll Rollpark directly overtop for instant parking for a few days to a month and then roll it up and re-use it at another event.

Short Term Parking for Auto-manufacturers

Because auto-manufacturers have constantly fluctuating manufacturing volumes and stringent capital requirements, Rollpark is a less costly solution for quality holds and occasional large-capacity vehicle launches.

Proven Temporary Parking for Filming

Films often require a stable and flat surface for small segments, usually involving vehicles. Rollpark can be transformed to look exactly like asphalt, reused on multiple films, and at a low price.

Permitting Spells Trouble for Asphalt

Some regions have impervious surface limits, requiring solutions like Rollpark or pervious asphalt. Unlike pervious asphalt, Rollpark is far less expensive and doesn't have the same tendency to fail from clogging.

Don't Put Asphalt On Land You'll Develop in 5 Years

Universities are constantly expanding, which is good for universities, but bad for their parking capacity. When land is available it is usually only available temporarily. Rollpark can be used for land the university intends to develop without the same cost-restrictions as asphalt (both for installation and tear down).

Parking Garages Take Time To Build

While you wait for a massive parking garage to be designed, built, and approved, use Rollpark to park your clients so as to not waste revenue while waiting.

Tested and peer reviewed
In laboratory and in field for over 16 years

  • Fire Retardant
  • Tensile Strength
  • Hydrocarbon Retention
  • UV Resistance
  • CBR Strength
  • Permittivity

Designed and tested by leading Geotextile experts and consultants including Ian Peggs, PhD and the services of TRI testing agency. Published and peer reviewed in multiple national and international journals.

Winner of the Industrial Fabrics International Award

An alternative to asphalt and gravel that actually works




Less expensive
Comparable cost
Cannot be reused
Not usually re-used
15 year life
7+ year life
5-7 year life
2-3 weeks per acre
1 week per acre
-1 week per acre
ADA Accessible
ADA Accessible
Not ADA Accessible
Up to 7 LEED
Cannot be rented
Cannot be rented
Easy maintenance
Moderate Maintenance
Difficult Maintenance

Gravel vs Rollpark

Gravel is a cost-effective alternative to asphalt, but it cannot keep dust down, and damages tires, vehicles, and people.

Asphalt vs Rollpark

Asphalt is a durable, tested, and trusted parking solution, but it comes with environmental risks and cannot be used temporarily. Like Rollpark, asphalt is only as good as its subgrade. By itself, asphalt is a relatively weak material, acting as a barrier to subgrade puncturing and disturbance.

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