Infrastructure excellence

Rollpark® is an innovation wing of Polivka International, a leading railroad construction company in North America. We combine the latest Geotextile innovations with 60 years of construction experience to deliver proven industrial-scale parking solutions.

Scale and expertise

  • 150


  • 1M+

    cars parked on our lots

  • 5

    offices in
 3 countries

  • 60

    years of experience in pavement design

Outsanding quality

Rated in the top 3 of 100 suppliers by CSX

Winner of the Industrial Fabrics International Award

Highest safety standards

2 Platinum Safety Awards from NRC

Rollpark is 30% safer than the national average according to the Safety Management Group Experience Modification Rate

Certified by the Federal Railroad Administration 
(US Department of Transportation)

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

  • CSX
  • KCS
  • LA Metro
  • BNSF
  • General Motors
  • Buzzi Unicem


Basil Polivka

CEO of Polivka Int.

and Rollpark

With 40 years of experience in general contracting and engineering. He received a bachelors of science in Civil Engineering, and has completed Harvard's Executive Business Program, along with other Harvard programs. He currently holds 16 patents for Rollpark in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Jeff Williams

Vice President

of Estimating and Design

Overseeing construction management and estimating. He graduated from the University of Akron with a BS in Civil Engineering with further accreditation in cooperative education, and has over 10 years of experience in project management and estimating.

Basil Polivka II

of Rollpark

Overseeing marketing, sales, and product innovation. He received a bachelors of Philosophy from Biola University, and has completed Harvard and Dale Carnegie Programs.

Rollpark's Origin

Rollpark began in the mind of A. Basil Polivka while he was a student at YSU. He’d spent his summers laying asphalt for his father’s paving company, learning through practice and his studies in civil engineering how to design and install a successful parking lot.

When the time came to complete the magnum opus of his studies, his engineering thesis, he drew from his experience, and injected it with invention.

This lead to a simple idea: a parking surface made of a durable, rollable fabric. Its purpose would be to provide instant parking for temporary parking needs. And if it could be made durable enough, it would also be a permanent alternative to asphalt.

The idea lingered, but was nearly forgotten. It wasn’t until a Ford executive expressed interest in asphalt-alternatives that the idea came rushing back into his mind. Energized by Ford’s interest, A. Basil swiftly developed a working prototype for a gargantuan 100 acre project for Ford in Detroit. It worked well enough that Ford invested in its perfection culminating in years of improvements and proven industrial-scale results.

Social responsibility

We give back. That’s why we make financial contributions to the Salvation Army and FFA. We’re also members of NRC, REMSA and Go Rail — organizations that support the mission of rail, reducing environmental impact and expanding funding.

International reach

Rollpark has offices in North Carolina, Texas, Ohio and Ontario and develops parking lots all across the US, Canada, and Europe.

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