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Robbinsville, NJ • Event

BAPS is a spiritual and philanthropic Hindu organization founded in the late 18th century, known for addressing spiritual, moral and social challenges. It has 3,850 centers located around the world and has received many national and international awards and affiliations with the United Nations.

Challenge: BAPS needed to park overflow passenger vehicles on environmentally protected farmland for an event welcoming their new spiritual leader. Because the ground is subject to environmental regulation and short term use, gravel and asphalt were not options. BAPS found that parking in grass and dirt was fine, but grassy drive lanes became unusable after prolonged use. This lead to multiple cases of cars getting stuck, requiring a tow truck to pull them out. With a short time table (two weeks), Rollpark was ordered and installed over well-draining compacted earth and anchored with 12-14 inch spikes.

During seasonal events, parking on our non-paved land has always been a challenge due to muddy and slippery conditions caused by unexpected rainfall. Using Rollpark, we were able to use previously unthinkable areas to park over 1000 cars even on rainy days. It made for a more enjoyable and safer event for our event visitors. Also, installing and removing the Rollpark material was a much easier process than other solutions we have tried before.

Hari Patel
Project Administrator

BNSF Railway

San Bernardino, California • Daily, long term use

At one of BNSF’s busiest automotive terminals,  some additional 200 car spaces were needed to account for growing inventory. A site was selected, but the municipal authority would not allow further pavement based on its impervious surface limits. As a result, a pervious pavement was needed, but one with a low cost that wouldn’t be used for more than 5-6 years.

Rollpark moved quickly to install its material on well stabilized aggregate and sand to meet BNSF’s inventory needs. The lot was used daily for 7 years, keeping cars clean and free of damage.

Ford Motor Company

Various • Temporary
  • 300+


  • 400,000+


Ford Motor Company needs no introduction. The Ford brand is synonymous with classic Americana, American-made products, and the nostalgic industrial city of Detroit.

Challenge: Costs, preventing vehicle damage, and security risks govern Ford’s selection of parking lots for manufacturing and quality holds.

Before Rollpark came along, Ford parked its vehicles across multiple disconnected sites, requiring a complex logistical network of trucking and security. Though it would have been logistically easier, a large parking surface was cost-prohibitive. Gravel was out of the question and asphalt was too expensive for a lot that’d be used for 1 year or less.

This was de rigueur for Ford, but a solution to streamline this logistical nightmare was long desired. That’s when Ford approached Rollpark with a challenge: is there a parking surface that prevents vehicle damage, while also being temporary and re-usable?

Instead of parking its vehicles on multiple sites, Rollpark was able to provide Ford with massive temporary and re-usable parking lots (up to 100 acres). Rollpark would roll out the same material for different factories and control holds, saving Ford a significant amount of money throughout the United States and Canada.

Ford was one of Rollpark’s first clients. Visionaries at the company saw the potency of the product, even when it was in its infancy.

Rollpark has saved Ford Motor Company several million dollars by having a single site developed in a shorter time in lieu of the traditional multiple paved facilities we have utilized in the past

Dean Anos
Senior Real Estate Manager Ford Motor Company

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