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Not Asphalt. Not Gravel. Geotextile.


less cost than using asphalt


less construction time than conventional lots


durable enough to last for up to 7 years


permeability protects surrounding land


reasons to choose Rollpark

Designed for You.

  • Roll it out and instantly park

  • Re-use it on multiple sites

  • Event Parking, Overflow, Vehicle Storage

  • Daily, temporary use 1-3 years

  • Daily, long term use 4-10 years

Over 1 million cars parked
on Rollpark for companies like

Patented cutting edge technology
backed by decades of experience in construction

US Patent No. 6,361,245B1

The product is resistant to tears, soft chemicals, puncture damage and ultraviolet light exposure. It’s also unaffected by hydrocarbons, mildew, rot and the freeze and thaw cycle.

  • Industrial Fabrics International Award

  • Top 3 of 100 suppliers by CSX

  • 3 Safety Awards from Advocare

  • 150


  • 5


  • 60

    years of experience

  • Calgary
  • Warren
  • Dallas
  • Charlotte
  • London

What to expect? A turnkey solution

From design to installation, Rollpark can handle every aspect of the job: site procurement, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, design, site preparation, and installation.

A Proven Alternative to Asphalt and Gravel




Less Expensive
Comparable Cost
Cannot be reused
Not usually reused
15 years life
7+ years life
5-7 years life
2-3 weeks per acre
1 week per acre
-1 week per acre
ADA accessible
ADA accessible
Not ADA accessible
Up to 7 LEED
Cannot be rented
Cannot be rented
Easy Maintenance
Moderate Maintenance
Difficult Maintenance

Tailored to Your Industry

  • Autologistics
  • Auto-manufacturing
  • Events
  • Hollywood
  • Permitting Restrictions
  • Universities
  • Parking Managers

Economic Uncertainty in the Autologistics World

With an uncertain economic climate and ever growing inventory, ports and auto manufacturers need a parking material that keeps cars free of dust and damage at a lost cost.

Short Term Parking for Auto-manufacturers

Because auto-manufacturers have constantly fluctuating manufacturing volumes and stringent capital requirements, Rollpark is a less costly solution for quality holds and occasional large-capacity vehicle launches.

Inexpensive and Safe Event Parking

Beyond parking in the mud, there isn't an effective, inexpensive, and proven temporary parking material for events besides Rollpark. Stabilize the ground and roll Rollpark directly overtop for instant parking for a few days to a month and then roll it up and re-use it at another event.

Proven Temporary Parking for Filming

Films often require a stable and flat surface for small segments, usually involving vehicles. Rollpark can be transformed to look exactly like asphalt, reused on multiple films, and at a low price.

Permitting Spells Trouble for Asphalt

Some regions have impervious surface limits, requiring solutions like Rollpark or pervious asphalt. Unlike pervious asphalt, Rollpark is far less expensive and doesn't have the same tendency to fail from clogging.

Don't Put Asphalt On Land You'll Develop in 5 Years

Universities are constantly expanding, which is good for universities, but bad for their parking capacity. When land is available it is usually only available temporarily. Rollpark can be used for land the university intends to develop without the same cost-restrictions as asphalt (both for installation and tear down).

Parking Garages Take Time To Build

While you wait for a massive parking garage to be designed, built, and approved, use Rollpark to park your clients so as to not waste revenue while waiting.

Interested in product specifications?

Discover available geotextile characteristics, unique features of subgrade design, and how Rollpark holds up against asphalt and gravel.

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Rollable permeable paving surface. Durable and environmentally-friendly.

Soft spots can be identified after rainfall has been given sufficient time to drain. They’ll have a muddy composition, like this.

  1. Rollpark surface
  2. Compacted backfill
  3. Anchoring pin
  4. Reinforcing bar
  5. Double tongue and groove interlock
  1. Rollpark surface
  2. Compacted backfill
  3. Anchoring pin
  4. Reinforcing bar
  5. Double tongue and groove interlock
  1. Rollpark surface
  2. Aggregated base
  3. Concrete rebar
  4. Cocrete approach
  5. Redwood
  1. Rollpark surface
  2. Concrete fill
  3. Aggregated base
  4. Compacted earth